About Us


Netmonita is part of Intelligence Technologies Ltd, founded in 2008 to provide flexible Internet monitoring and enforcement programs for global brand owners. We continue to innovate in order to provide our clients with cutting edge services that enhance their existing capabilities.

Global Coverage

Our head office is in the UK and our operational team are based internationally. We also have a representative office in the US. Our growing team of analysts are fluent in the languages of their focus area and are also physically located in their region. This means that we can also carry out test purchases from online sellers in a large number of countries.


Whilst we use technology where possible, the crux of our service is human analysis. Given the international nature of most of our projects, fluency in languages such as Chinese, Turkish and Russian are crucial in providing the level of effectiveness brand owners require to tackle counterfeits and other infringements online.


All our programs are bespoke for each client's requirements. Our flexible approach to monitoring and enforcement enables us to help clients build cost-effective online brand protection programs driven by results. We provide a dynamic service that adapts to changing priorities and developments on the Internet.