• In addition to volume take downs on trade platforms, we also carry out internet intelligence and research projects to identify high priority entities involved in counterfeit trade.
  • Our approach to anti-counterfeit work is to be transparent with the client in terms of resource allocation and achievable outcomes.
  • We do not promise a silver bullet technology that will eradicate the problem of fakes online.
  • We automate process as much as possible, but our human analysis is particularly important for this work to identify visual indicators on screen.
  • Our language specialists give a distinct advantage for identifying suspect sellers in countries such as China, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine
  • Our language specialists also give a distinct advantage for negotiating the removal of product offerings on behalf of the client.
  • Whilst it is always preferable to achieve shutdowns without test purchases this is not always possible.
  • When necessary, we can assist with test purchases and product examination.
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