Case Studies
  • In addition to the large number of take downs of counterfeits that we action on auction and trade platforms, we also provide various complimentary services for tackling counterfeits online.
  • A global pharmaceutical company required a series of discrete country-focused projects to identify entities behind the sale of counterfeit medicines online. In Russia we found that there were numerous third-party websites actively selling counterfeit product.
  • With database construction and analysis we were able to ascertain that approximately 90% of the illicit online activity was directed by a single entity. This intelligence was then used for localised, offline investigation and law enforcement action.
  • A major football club was concerned about the rise of counterfeit merchandise being sold on the Internet in Eastern Europe.
  • We carried out a thorough audit of online counterfeit offers in the region using local language skills and identified a number of high priority targets for further investigation.