Case Studies
  • A global household brand is faced with having to combat counterfeit offers across a range of geographies.
  • Historically, they had not found a cost-effective approach to removing auction listings in China.
  • We have developed a bespoke program involving our operational team in China that identifies and removes thousands of listings on various trade and auction platforms as well as providing intelligence regarding high priority targets for further investigation. We also carry out a small number of test purchases on a regular basis.
  • A global brand in electronics faces the problem of counterfeit items produced in China being sold in Europe.
  • We developed a program to tackle auction platforms and third party websites across all countries in the EU as well as Russia and Ukraine.
  • Each month we monitor approximately 40 platforms and remove listings equating to hundreds of thousands of Euros in stock value.
  • All of our auction monitoring programs encompass numerous languages for both monitoring and submitting shutdown notices and include test purchases when required.